Our Love is Cacao

Cacao Alchemica

Our Cacao is 100% pure cacao paste of the highest quality, without any additives. Each paste is different, soaked with its own story of the soil, sun, and surroundings. You will find different varieties, including wild and endemic beans, which are extremely rare.

We pack them by hand, tie strings, and decorate them with kind words attached to the package, to fill your day with unique moments.

Cacao paste is ground cocoa beans hardened into a hard block.

One of the most extraordinary plants in the world.

The highest quality of artisanal products.

A functional food with scientifically proven positive effects on the psycho-physical state.

A warmth embrace and connection with a plant of incredible depth.

Civilizational achievement and a spiritual layer of relationships cultivated in indigenous cultures.

A journey full of discoveries and surprises through the world of variations, varieties, and multi-layered taste notes.

Our Alchemy

We breathe in the air that is gifted to us by trees, and the water that flows around the Earth fills our bodies. The food that grows in the soil is our source of energy and nourishment.

Plants have amazing properties, providing us with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that naturally alchemize with our bodies. This alchemical transmutation, which transforms “lead into gold,” occurs on psycho-physical levels in our bodies and affects our quality of life.

Our planet abounds in gifts from nature, from garlic and melon to lemon balm and cinnamon. Each plant has its own unique story to tell, inviting us to dance together in the mystery of life.

Alchemy with the Spirit of Nature


Each cacao bean comes from sustainable farms. The projects that acquire the beans support both reforestation, forest conservation, environmental education, raising awareness and competencies of growers, and supporting local communities.

This is the foundation from which we create the Cacao Alchemica brand.


Highly recommended!

Our original artisan cacao

Cacao Family

Alchemy Cacao

Pride and the main pillar of the alchemy workshop. Our proprietary full-fat spreads. High-end artisanal products. Milled grains without additives and their natural and sublime notes.

Handcrafted Ritual Bars
Our friends and partners from around the world who love cocoa share their stories, knowledge, and craftsmanship with us, shaping the philosophy and practices in the field of cocoa.
Cacao Pastes
This group is comprised of full-fat cocoa pastes sourced from the collaboration between large paste producers and suppliers from farms and cooperatives.
The cocoa beans we offer are full of nutritional value and can be a great snack as well as an excellent source of nutrients.
Add unique character to your cocoa journey. In this category, you will find beautiful and practical tools that will help you create a good atmosphere for enjoying cocoa.
Alchemy sets are an excellent way to explore cocoa species, delve into their history, origins, and qualities, and discover your favorites.

Discover the love for COCOA and tradition
contained in stories
and handmade bars